Handicap Parking vs Self Entitlement

Since Shania started working with the Miami Heat Wheels Wheelchair basketball team, she is much more attentive to disabled parking abuse. She saw this violation in her neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the other day. A car with no handicap parking permit that had even parked the wrong direction in a parallel parking spot.

This is the definition of self entitlement, pulling into a parallel disabled parking space like it is a normal lateral parking space. I am sure it was considered an “emergency” to them or “They’d only be a minute”. Always an excuse for these illegally parked vehicles, rarely an apology and “I will never do that again”.

Truth is they give the excuse rather than an apology as they are probably going to do it again. As even though some do, most people with disabilities won’t confront a disabled parking violator. Which is fine it isn’t their job to do it. On the other hand it is rare that they will get a disabled parking ticket.

So do they risk they a rare ticket or confrontation, or walk an extra 10 feet?

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