How to Report a Disabled Parking Violation

Here’s a recommendation as to how to report a handicap parking problem. I see many testimonials on The Wheels of Shame, of frustration when confronting the disabled parking violator or notifying the store manager.  Since you don’t have any real authority when confronting the violator, your doing so is probably taken, just like telling them that you dislike their car’s color.

Most business owners, probably think this is not a major issue, unfortunately.  Satisfying handicap customers, with a couple handicap parking spaces, probably doesn’t matter much to them.  My recommendation, and what I do here in CT, is to bypass them and go straight to the police instead.

First Look up your state’s law on handicap parking that enforces the federal ADA parking law.  I googled for the state of Texas, “Texas state law on handicap parking”.

The following link came up,

It revealed Transportation code CHAPTER 681. PRIVILEGED PARKING.  Keep this written down and with you.

So if I lived in Texas and encountered a handicap parking problem, I’d go straight to the police, by calling them on my cell phone.  If you don’t get good support from them, you can recite the specific law for them.  In Texas it is  Transportation code CHAPTER 681. In CT it is  PA13-282.

This makes it more direct, then just saying that you believe they violated the federal ADA parking law. Given the small chance that the police don’t do anything, you can call the station later and report the incident.

I definitely DON’T advocate being confrontational with the police. Only bring up this information, if they definitely won’t support you. Be nice when you talk to them and do not threaten them. You don’t want to be a handicapped wisea__.


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