Always, at Your Local Walmart

It is no secret to everyone that Walmart always has some type of parking violation going on at one of their many stores. Maybe it’s because their parking lots are big, whether it’s a lazy person waiting in the disabled hash marks or just lazy people illegally using handicap parking without a plate or placard. […]

Wake Village Dollar General Shopper Blocks Accessible Area

This was found one night at a Dollar General in Wake Village, Texas where a driver had backed into the handicap access zone blocking the curb ramp as well. The only reason I can think of, besides just a lazy person, is that they were going to load something heavy into the car hence backing […]

Pepsi Truck Blocks Handicapped Parking During a CVS Delivery

At a CVS Pharmacy in Owensboro, Kentucky Jenn found a Pepsi truck unloading while blocking a handicap parking space. Technically, they weren’t blocking the space but Jenn needed the disabled access zone on the drivers side to exit her vehicle. So she told us she “just ended up sending my 13 yr old in for […]

Waiting at a Fort Worth Kroger in Disabled Parking

Lois told us she encountered lot’s of obnoxious drivers while out last week, and these are just two she found in one trip to Kroger. This first one was a young lady at a Kroger in Fort Worth near TCU that admitted to not having a disabled placard, and asked if I needed space to […]

Lazy Bones at a Fort Worth 24 Hour Fitness

This car didn’t have a placard or disabled tag at 24 hour fitness in the Fort Worth Hulen area yet decided they would use handicap parking anyway. This slouch probably just thought people with disabilities don’t exercise so they won’t need this handicap parking space. Well, the most obvious thing to me about lazy bones […]

Lazy Parker Needs A Frozen Yogurt at Fruitland

We despise people like this at a Fruitland, they don’t care if people with disabilities need that handicap parking space as long as they don’t have to walk an extra 20 feet from a regular space. She said “They had no disabled tags, no handicap plates. She was perfectly able and ran from the store to […]