Handicap Parking Abuse is an Issue Worldwide

This picture of a truck and trailer parked across 3 handicapped spots was taken in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It proves that disabled parking is abused worldwide, and is not going to stop anytime soon unless the police start taking handicapped parking violations seriously. Some ask isn’t there anything anyone can, legally, […]

Kalil Bottling Company Uses Disabled Parking to Unload Truck

Here’s the “Good Guys” at Kalil Bottling Company in Phoenix, Arizona using the “ONLY disabled parking space in this lot to stage the product he’s putting into this Circle  K store”. Andee also informed us that “Oh, and there were NUMEROUS non – disabled spots open as you can clearly see. He must have been unable […]

Does Dollar Store Put Profiting Ahead of Disabled Customers?

A common but bad occurrence at Dollar Stores and most stores all over America, using the disabled parking area as an outdoors display case. This one was taken at the Van Texas Dollar Store using the handicap parking for storage. Our reader asked the workers “Why, and she said I didn’t know it was for […]

Brinks Armored Car Secures Money but Blocks Handicap Parking

So this Armored Car is armored to protect money from a thief, or rather people who think they’re entitled to it. As Dave puts it “The ADA parking law is there to protect someone like you from entitling yourself to park wherever the heck you want.” Sadly, Brinks Corporation had no comment on this picture. […]